Modern.Work is your IT service and solution provider supplying Logipad and EFB Cloud. Since 2002, our solution focus has been the aviation industry.

Modern.Work is Arinc Corporate Sponsor and active in the AEEC EFB Subcommittee (Arinc 840, Arinc 834…) as well as in the AEEC EFB User Forum. We take part in events like EFB conferences etc.

To ensure consistent improvement and a continuous development of EFB in the aviation business, we have a strong partner network with hardware and software suppliers, IT manufacturer and global roaming vendors.


Case Study

AeroLogic deploys Logipad iPad EFB (Aircraft IT)

Since the beginning of 2012, AeroLogic and Modern.Work, previously known as T&A SYSTEME, worked together on the implementation of an iPad based EFB. As the iPad had to replace the current Class 1 laptop, the challenge was to bring all operations onto the iPad. The iPad had to cover the functionality of documentation, eReporting, navigation, performance, training and briefing.

There has been close communication between the parties throughout the whole project, which influenced the Logipad development a great deal. Based on the successful implementation of the project, we have been invited by Aircraft IT to provide an overall case study on the project. This study was written by Wolfgang Sperber, Administrator EFB and Administrator of AeroLogic and T&A SYSTEME. It provides a detailed overview and describes the experience with all the challenges that have been met and solved during the project.



Case Study
DC Aviation

DC Aviation’s passion fo quality with Logipad EFB

As Germany’s leading business jet charter provider, DC Aviation has one of the largest fleets in Europe. The philosophy of DC Aviation is a passion for quality in business jet charter, aircraft management and aircraft maintenance – and with this aim, DC Aviation decided to use the Single Sync Electronic Flight Bag solution Logipad on iPads in flight operations.

The basic setup of the Logipad iPad solution – which is used by DC Aviation – contains a dedicated system and backend infrastructure for the customer which runs in the high-availability data centre of Modern.Work, previously known as T&A SYSTEME, in Germany. This EFB system includes the following features:

  • document library
  • ereporting
  • EFB app store
  • mobile device management
  • news feed
  • web interface
  • transfer folder

From now on, DC Aviation is optimizing its information workflow on the ground and in the air by using the iOS app of Logipad on iPad devices.



We have several customers using Logipad with different types of devices: mobile devices like Apple iPad or Windows-based tablets, notebooks or installed devices – or a combination of these within one process.

Customers: Air Astana, AeroLogic, DC Aviation, Ethiopian Airlines, LTU, virgin atlantic