EFB and IT consulting

EFB is more than just a device. It also contains a high-availability IT infrastructure and well-defined IT processes for reliable and secure data transactions.

For more than 20 years, we have been realizing IT projects for medium-sized enterprises and large corporations in Germany and abroad.

Preparing your environment for an EFB is a complex job, but we can help you with our experience in IT infrastructure services. Our efficient project management approach facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration with your IT department and pilots to improve working processes and communication between all stakeholders involved.

As an IT service and solution expert we can advise you on any other IT related issues and help you to solve your IT challenges. We will find the best solution for your company to make your IT infrastructure ready and keep it stable for a reliable EFB experience.

Benefits of
combining EFB and IT consulting:

  • overall planning, consulting and realization
    of EFB projects
  • proven
    project management capability with more than 12 years of EFB and 20 years of IT
    infrastructure experience
  • integration of flight operating department
    and pilots into every step of EFB projects
  • a pro-active and re-active high-level support process for the Logipad infrastructure, including monitoring, operating and pro-active alerting systems 

EFB from
the cloud

EFB is a complex challenge. EFB Cloud
makes onboarding easier for small and medium-sized airlines.

Traditional EFB solutions are normally customized for airlines. This implies changes to the IT infrastructure and the need for new IT skills resulting in additional costs during the ramp-up phase.

Due to the increased number of mobile tablet devices, cloud-based solutions are increasingly being used as the standard for any service provided. We have started offering a dedicated EFB from the cloud model. This model hosts the entire Logipad ground infrastructure in our cloud or the high-availability cloud service Microsoft Azure.

Any EFB device connects to the cloud-based service via the Internet by performing a device synchronization. The VPN integration of the airlines corporate network into the Logipad environment facilitates direct administration via corporate desktop PCs. It therefore guarantees easier administration.

The main benefits of EFB Cloud:

  • especially for small and medium-sized airlines
  • the entire ground infrastructure of Logipad is hosted in the cloud
  • as cloud service: our private cloud service or Microsofts cloud service Azure
  • synchronization between airlines corporate network and the cloud via VPN/Internet
  • synchronization on EFB devices while connecting to cloud-based services via WiFi, 3G, 4G

Get your EFB Cloud for testing including uploading documents, synchronization and iPad on 

On Premises

In addition to the cloud-based environment, Logipad can be setup and implemented in the customer’s environment as well. Specifically designed for handling security policies and low bandwidth internet connectivity, this type of implementation is still required by most airlines. This option guarantees best on-site performance and, especially in complex environments, makes integration with other corporate services easier.

Furthermore, we can also provide a mixture of cloud- and On-Premise-based services, if required.


As an IT service and solution provider, one of our core competencies is a high-level service process based on the experience and knowledge of operating, monitoring and supporting data centres and IT systems for more than 20 years. 

The best way to minimize IT failures, is to have a pro-active monitoring and alert process in place. We offer this important high-level support to our customers for the best availability and running of Logipad systems. This process contains continuous reviews with the customer (twice a year) for optimizing the Logipad process and planning new steps.

However, if the Logipad infrastructure needs support, we offer re-active high-level support with our Logipad team. And, together with our valued partners, we are pleased to offer any first-level support. This kind of service can be used for hardware replacement, battery charging options, preparation of spare devices or any other kind of service.