Logipad: simple & smart
Logipad is an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution designed to make flight management simple, fast and smart for pilots, crew and ground staff alike. No matter what kind of device you prefer, Logipad guarantees flexible and scalable information handling both on the ground and in the air on mobile and mounted devices.
Role-based management helps you ensure the provision of all relevant data to the right user group. Weather charts, forms or manuals, Logipad replaces paper-based information and keeps it up to date.
The ground process, which deploys all sent data to connected devices, is standardized and meets the requirements set out by the FAA and the EASA in the AC120-76B and NPA 2012-02 (former TGL-36) documentation.

Key benefits
  • Handling of mobile and mounted devices
    Windows- and iOS-based (iPad)
  • Meets the requirements set out by the FAA and EASA thus securing business processes and helping their certification by aviation authorities
  • Establishes standard technologies allowing seamless integration with existing back office systems (… read more)
  • Role-based management ensures that users only receive relevant content (… read more)
  • Single synchronization process Just one action required to update all assigned content
  • Combining the knowledge and experience of EFB and IT consulting for more than 12 years (… read more)
  • And last but not least:
    We offer High Level Suppor
    t with pro-active monitoring and alert processes, continuous reviews, re-active high-level support, and, with our partners: first-level-support (… read more)


New: eBriefing
In the flight process, the briefing is one of the top-priority planning steps.
We are introducing eBriefing:
Relevant flight information is provided by a flight planning system as a briefing package, and is accessed via synchronization in the Logipad App (e.g. iPad). Logipad utilizes the ARINC 633 EFF standard and thus requires the use of a flight planning system supporting this or an equivalent format. The briefing package displays the following information:
  • the flight plan (OFP; flightlog)
  • weather information
  • NOTAMS (airport, enroute, critical ETOPS)
  • weather charts
  • additional flight information

Additionally, flight-specific data can be logged and transferred back to the flight planning system.

Official Surface reseller
NEW: We are an official Surface resellerAs an IT service and solution provider we cultivate a strong partnership with Microsoft. Since the beginning of 2015 we have been an official Surface Solution Partner. This exclusive status allows us to sell Microsoft Surface products for business. The Surface Pro 3 is a hybrid tablet optimized for business use. In the meantime, Surface Pro tablets (2nd and 3rd generation) are often used as an EFB device in aviation and can be integrated optimally into your device management. In any case, we are developing and supporting Logipad on Surface devices.
Get in touch with us for your Surface request …